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Join the Home Growers Circle

The Home Growers Circle is a community of people passionate about growing food at their homes and in their neighborhoods. Forage created and this group to support the practice of home growing in Los Angeles. Members of the Home Growers Circle benefit from the following tools and resources:

  • Education on how to obtain state certification as an approved food source for markets and restaurants.
  • Grant to cover 100% of the $63 certification fee.
  • Free enrollment in a workshop that explores organic urban gardening practices specifically for edibles.
  • Partnership opportunities with restaurants that support and use home-grown produce in the dining experience.

How to apply

The Home Growers Circle is for people who actively and passionately grow their own food, or who want to.

Participating in the Home Growers Circle will be a great experience for you if:

  • You live and grow in Los Angeles County
  • You have a passion for growing food
  • You like to write
  • You're willing to share your story and experience of growing food
  • You want to contribute your home-grown produce to the local food supply chain, through restaurants like Forage

If this sounds like you, then you are encouraged to apply.

Fill out the form below to make your case on why you'd like to be part of the Home Growers Circle. Your email will not be published, but your name, neighborhood, and application statement will be presented to the public and that's how people will vote for you.


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By submitting this application to the Home Growers Circle, you agree to have your name, location, statement, photo, and YouTube link presented to the public on this website so that website visitor can vote for your application. Any communication that needs to happen for your application will be facilitated through the email address you provide with the application.

Selection process

Currently we are accepting submissions for five spots in the Home Growers Circle.

Submission period. The application submission period runs through June 2010. Submissions are pre-screened by Forage to ensure they are real (i.e. not spam). Submissions are viewable to the public during this time.

Voting period. Candidates for the five open spots will be decided through a public vote. The voting period runs in July 2010.

Final selections. The ten submissions receiving the most votes will be presented to the Home Growers Circle selection team led by Forage chef owner Jason Kim. The selection team will choose five of the ten for the remaining spots on the circle. The final five selections will be announced August 1 and these five home growers will join the other members of the Home Growers Circle.

Frequently asked questions about the Home Growers Circle

Will the Home Growers Circle also pay for my gardening expenses, such as the cost for seeds, soil, water, and labor?


When I obtain my certification as part of the Home Growers Circle, am I under any obligation to bring my home-grown produce to Forage?

You're never under any obligation to bring your certified home-grown produce to Forage. You can bring any or no amount of your produce to Forage, although we do encourage you to bring something! You're also free to offer your home-grown produce to other restaurants.

I don't have a computer or Internet. How will I blog about my experiences?

We'll figure out something.

Will I ever be asked to pay for anything?

No. The application is free. Participation is free. The workshop is free. The certification is not free, but the Home Growers Circle covers the fee, so from your perspective, it feels free.

I have a question about the Home Growers Circle that isn't answered here. How can I ask it?

Email us at We'll post your question and the answer here.