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Andy & Susanna / North Hollywood

Spring is almost here …

Andy & Susanna

Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 5:30PM

We’re really excited that spring is almost here, and our activities in the garden are really starting to pick up their pace. It seems like on the weekends we’re spending a least a couple hours every day doing something in our little urban farm, and this weekend was no different.

Tomato seedlings

In January, we had a couple weekends of REALLY warm weather, and it got me jonesing to get back into the garden. So we started some (probably way too many) seeds, hoping that by mid/late February we’d be able to start transplanting into our raised beds. Unfortunately, February was freezing cold, and we even had some hail one weekend (it actually snowed less than a mile from our house). Needless to say, instead of putting the plants in the ground we just babied all of the seedlings, taking them inside every night, and waited patiently for the weather to get a little warmer.

The first weekend in March it finally started to look like we had seen our last frost temperatures and we started planting in earnest. We’ve now got three raised beds planted (two big boxes in the front yard, and a smaller box in the back). Here's what’s been planted so far:

Onions and tomatoes

Raised Bed #1

  • Has about 20 brown onions that went into the ground late fall and should be ready in the next month or two (I think)
  • A total of 25 tomato plants – 5 each of Yellow Pear, Sungold Select, Black Cherry, and Ananas Noire (which is a psychedelic looking yellow/pink tomato). Besides the yellow pear, these are all new varieties for us, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll turn out well.

Raised bed 2

Raised Bed #2

  • 5 Telegraph Cucumbers
  • 3 Grey Zuccini
  • 5 Zucchino Rampicante Squash – the pictures on the seed packet for this squash just look amazing
  • Still have a couple square feet of carrots going that should be ready in a few weeks
  • A few arugula that we planted back in the fall but just never seemed to get going until a week ago. They should finally be providing us some salad greens in the next week.
  • Some leek and onions seeds are also just emerging after being sown directly in the soil.

Raspberry Patch

We also added a small single row patch of raspberry plants to the front yard this weekend.

Raised bed with netting system

Raised Bed #3 (new this season)

We’ve always had problems with our greens and radishes that we’ve grown, because the birds in our neighborhood seem to be driven to the newly emerged seedlings and always pluck them out of the ground. For this new smaller bed, we designed a netting system that should hopefully keep them out and give these plants a chance this year.

  • 8 Rainbow chard plants
  • 8 Spinach plants
  • About 20 radishes

Believe it or not, we actually have a number of additional areas in the front that we’d like to get planted in the next month or so with other plants too... we’ve definitely been bitten by the urban farming bug. This weekend we won’t be getting much done though, because I (Andy) will be running the L.A. Marathon again. We’ll keep you posted on our progress in the garden though.

Andy & Susanna

Ways to support
urban farming
in Los Angeles

Community partners have stepped forward with ways you can support local growers:

We know how much everyone in this city loves the movies. Have you seen this one? The Garden is an Academy Award nominated documentary that tells the story of urban farmers who struggle against land developers to keep their community farm in South Central Los Angeles alive. This film offers a revealing look at the challenges of urban farming in a megacity once known for its agricultural output. The director of the film, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, is a Silver Lake resident and he has offered to not only sell DVDs of the film at a 10% discount, but also grant 10% of proceeds to support the certification fees of future participants of the Home Growers Circle. Buy a DVD and help us build support for an eleventh urban microfarmer. Maybe we'll have to ask one of the microfarmers to raise some corn so that we can make some home-grown movie popcorn. Click here to order a DVD and support the Home Growers Circle. Remember to use promotional code FORAGE.