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Andy & Susanna / North Hollywood

Summer's Over

Andy & Susanna

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 11:37AM

Yes, I know that summer has been over for a long time now, but in Southern California the official line between the seasons can get blurred.  Susanna and I have been really busy this fall with our work and social schedules, and I ran a marathon in the middle of October too and I spent a lot of time preparing for that. So our vegetable garden was neglected a bit at the beginning of the fall. However, that all changed the last couple of weeks as we’ve been doing a lot more work outside in the garden. The cooler midday temperatures make it much easier to work out there.
We've started pulling out the spring and summer plants that are no longer producing.  Zucchini plants gone. Squash plants gone. Tomato plants gone. Our large raised beds were starting to look a little bit sad and empty. Time to start those winter crops!
We’ve never tried to grow anything in the fall/winter season, so this is a whole new experience for us.  A couple weeks ago we started sowing a lot more seeds: Carrots, snap peas, broccoli, onions, radishes, and cucumbers. Once again, our attempts with radishes seem to only be mildly successful. The few radishes we did pull up were quite delicious, though. Maybe it’s time to try a different seed variety on those. However, the snap peas are starting to show up, and we have a bunch of carrots that look like they’ll be ready soon too.
This last weekend I put in a bunch more snap pea seeds, more onions, some spinach, and also leeks. We’ve still got some more room to add more to our plot, so we may try for another round of carrots and radishes along with some arugula seeds that I have.

Ways to support
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Community partners have stepped forward with ways you can support local growers:

We know how much everyone in this city loves the movies. Have you seen this one? The Garden is an Academy Award nominated documentary that tells the story of urban farmers who struggle against land developers to keep their community farm in South Central Los Angeles alive. This film offers a revealing look at the challenges of urban farming in a megacity once known for its agricultural output. The director of the film, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, is a Silver Lake resident and he has offered to not only sell DVDs of the film at a 10% discount, but also grant 10% of proceeds to support the certification fees of future participants of the Home Growers Circle. Buy a DVD and help us build support for an eleventh urban microfarmer. Maybe we'll have to ask one of the microfarmers to raise some corn so that we can make some home-grown movie popcorn. Click here to order a DVD and support the Home Growers Circle. Remember to use promotional code FORAGE.